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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Question from Twitter

The wonderful, beautiful, amazing, fantastic, smart, and every other positive adjective Bubbles [also known as Willfulenslaved [on twitter] and Willfulenslavement [on FetLife]] asked me a question on twitter for this blog. Which I am more than happy to answer. Mostly because I would answer any question she gave me, but also because I hadn't written anything here yet today. So she gets a golden star sticker for that one!

So, onto the question. She asked my thoughts on this statement- "everyone should just run around naked".

I agree that everyone should run around naked! Minus weather conditions, once we are inside or in a climate that permits nudity, I think that everyone should be naked. I think it would breed a lot more self confidence, or at least a lot less self consciousness.

Every single one of us has imperfections with our bodies- except Heidi Klum. [Sorry, but she is just ~drools~]. Okay, fine, even the perfect Heidi Klum has imperfections. Seriously, if you were to ask Heidi Klum, she would probably tell you that her toes are too long or something. Because we all have something that isn't 'perfect' about us. Embracing them, and showing those imperfections off can be freeing though.

Okay, so, I am overweight. So most people think that my 'imperfection' is my thighs or something, which yeah, they totally are imperfect, but my real imperfection? My arms. Seriously. My upper arms are HUGE. They are waaaaaay bigger than the rest of my body. They are completely out of proportion to the rest of my body. I am so self conscious about them. You will rarely see them not cropped out of pictures, or strategically placed, or situated perfectly. However, when I am naked, all of that goes away. Especially if I'm naked with a bunch of people.

When are naked with a group of people there is this... electricity about. You can't hide the extra roll of fat, or the beauty mark that you always want to hide, or the scar on your stomach, or anything. You are all out there. It is awesome. Once you are naked with someone you feel connected to them somehow. Imagine if clothes were optional? That would be awesome.

So, let's get naked. Join me?


Alley said...

I totally love my legs, and my thighs are like HUGE. I think thick legs and hips are sexy as all hell. :)

Kayla said...

I usually run around my apartment naked. It's just so much more comfortable.

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