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Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, so I love my readers, yes, YOU!!! I love you. Not in the creepy way, because I don't know most of you in real life. Anyway, that's not what most of you care about. You care about the details of this fabulous contest that I am holding. Okay, maybe not so fabulous for me, but definitely fabulous for the winner!

So, what is this contest exactly?

Well, it really does benefit me as much as it benefits you. I like people reading my blog. I know, I'm selfish like that. So I figured a contest would help me gain a few more readers. Some may think this is not cool, but I'm not requiring that you stay after the contest, but who knows, you may like here enough that you do stay. [That is my hope at least] So, my likes are satisfied because I gain more readers and your likes are satisfied because you get... a 25 dollar gift card to edenfantasy!!!!!

Whoa, 25 dollars???

Alright, it's not that much. However, it is enough to buy one favorite toys [at the moment] the gspot caress . It's also better than nothing! Not to mention, really does have some fabulous toys for less than 25 dollars. They have a great selection process for narrowing down toys so you can find something you want. Also, EF has other stuff besides toys, like lingerie. Not to mention, EF has great prices. Seriously, they do.

Okay, enough chat about that, how about the details of how to enter???

There are many ways to enter.

1- comment on this post. You can tell me why you need the gift card, why you read my blog, why you haven't read my blog, why you will continue to read my blog, what you would do with the 25 dollars, why you deserve it, what your dog's name is, it doesn't matter. The content of the comment won't be judged, just the fact that you do comment.

2- Tweet about the contest. It doesn't hurt if you follow me either... Just make sure to use the hashtag #JBD and link to my site - Your tweet will count once a day, so you can retweet every day for up to seven entries!

3- Follow me. If you already follow me, you are automatically entered for this part. I have the handy button over there in the right hand side bar, so it's super easy to follow me.

Here comes the big entry part!

4- You can comment on three separate posts a day. From any month. Of course you can comment on more posts, but only three a day [on separate posts] will be counted. Which means that this can earn you three entries a day, for seven days, [Your comment on this post does not count for your three posts for today]

Alright, so let's say you did everything that was laid out above. You would have 30 entries!!!! That's pretty darn amazing. I know it may be a bit time consuming, but your 30 entries might beat out someone with only fifteen. I'm not saying you have to do everything. Someone who just comments on this could be the lucky winner, you never know. You don't have to do everything listed above. Like I said, I have motives for hosting this to get more readers. By encouraging you to read some of my later stuff you get to see my journey better and may be more interested in sticking around. :)

The contest will end Sunday, Feb 28th at midnight EST.


Kayla said...

I would want a giftcard because I really want the Liberator Ramp. :) I enjoy following your blog since you post some interesting entries, and you're a greeter on Fetlife, so you must be famous. :)

the.mistress.kay at

sarahbear said...

A $25 gift card sounds lovely. I'd love to expand my toy collection.=)

Alley said...

Contests are fun! And my doggy's name is Bruno :P Because you asked and all.

Romapr said...

I'd like to be entered into your contest. I am new and it is nice to meet you.

Heather said...

I'd use the giftcard to get a strapon for me and my boy. Then I'd also have a second thing to review so I could get in the edenfantasys review program. :)

Thanks for having this contest! Just in case, my e-mail is gingercat24(at)ymail(dot)com.

sarahbear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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