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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Future... of this blog

So, as many of you know, I don't have a job. I take a couple of classes, but nothing too serious. Which means my days are pretty open at the moment. Which is great for being a slave, because I can devote my time to chores and making sure things are running smoothly in the house. However, I still do productive things that do not pertain to the house, such as writing reviews. Also, this blog. I have had this blog for a while, and in the beginning it was more for my [and my Daddy's] use. I know a few of you have been around since then, it was definitely readable to an outside reader. However, I wasn't about the readers.

Now? Well, now I am more involved in the blogging community. If you look over to the right hand side bar you will see about 20 blogs that I read every single post they make. I am always looking for more blogs to read as well. I try to comment on their posts, I follow them on twitter, I genuinely like reading what they have to say. I still post for myself, it is nice to have something that captures my journey, but I also feel like I write for you, the reader. Some of my posts are meant for others to read, such as my post about Doctors. I feel like I have a [albeit small compared to other blogs] following. I have more followers now, and in a couple days there will also be something especially nice for you readers.

So, where is this blog going? I think it is a good question to ask. I will tell you my goals. I want people to read my blog. I like knowing that people either find me helpful, entertaining, or just a good read. In the coming weeks I plan on moving to my own domain. I want to change my layout and cannot do so with the blogger templates. I am really excited about this. I think it'll give my blog a bit more oomph.

So, stay tuned. We are going on a ride.


Kayla said...

I find you entertaining if that makes you feel better. :) I have a good host if that's something you want to look into as well. :)

Alley said...

Looks like fun. Be sure whoever you go with has enough memory for your photos and all.

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