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Friday, January 22, 2010

Doctor, Doctor!!

Back when Daddy and I were living long distance, he visited me. Those visits were chronicled here, but one thing that happened afterward was not, so I want to talk about it now.

I was bruised. I had two or three bruises that were pretty obviously fingers and a handful of others. That was back in the day when I bruised easy. Since moving in, I rarely get bruises. But I digress. I was thankfully able to hide the bruises fairly well thanks to placement.

However, two or three days after my Daddy went home, just as my bruises were at their gnarliest, I had to go to the gyno. I really didn't think anything of it. However when the doctor saw my bruises she immediately got concerned. She started asking questions about my relationship and I quickly reassured her not to worry. She started to hand me some pamphlets when I told her the marks came from consensual play. She said 'oh', blushed, and went about her business.

It is something that everyone who engages in rougher play has to at least think about when going to see their doctor. There is a brilliant website that lists Kink Aware Professionals. Hopefully you can find one in your area there that can work for you. However if you can't, I would say not to worry about telling your doctor. My gyno was not on the Kink Aware site, yet she was perfect in handling it. I think it is a great resource and wish there was more people listed. But doctors have heard it all before. Even if they haven't, they worst you will get is an uncomfortable conversation.

I advocate telling, but if you don't feel like it is something you'd be comfortable with, just make sure they are aware when necessary. If you got an injury while doing something kinky, don't lie and say something similar to what happened. Say what actually happened. If you are having blood pressure issues, ask your doctor about bondage positions. It may seem awkward, but it is your health. You need to make sure that the people who are there to take care of you, can.


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