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Monday, January 25, 2010

What an exhausting day.

So today Daddy did some stuff from home in the morning for work. It was so nice seeing him when I woke up and it was extra special nice because I got to make him lunch. Even if lunch was just a soup cup. It still made me smile to do that for him. Anywoo... It totally threw off my day though. Even though it may not seem like I do too much, I really do.

Daddy didn't leave until after noon and I hadn't even started doing anything I planned for today. So I got right to it after eating lunch, and didn't get to rest until... well until now. I wasn't doing too much that was physically exhausting, but I was constantly doing things which made me feel so tired and worn down.

I snapped slightly when he got home because I was taking a shower since it was the first moment when I actually could take a shower. I snapped more because I was upset with myself for not being done. However he joined me so it immediately relaxed me. He gave me a long hug and it was exactly what I needed. I just needed him to make me feel right again. Something about us being together centers and calms me. I then got down on my knees so he could pee on me. It put me back in the right place I needed to be in. I had gotten so frazzled during the day. I am glad that we work together like that. I am so happy I've found someone who can understand that sometimes I just need to be peed on to be calm. :P


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