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Thursday, January 21, 2010

being a slave.

I am loving my tumblr. I have been randomly adding pictures to it throughout the day. It is really fun and something I am definitely enjoying. Oh, and I am loving the font of the header there. I have a few places where I have branched out to lately. I like to think that I am particularly well spoken about my life, which revolves around being a full time slave.

Being a full time slave isn't as glamorous as the fantasies. I am not beautifully coiffed and chained to a fluffy bed [with satin sheets] only to be used when Daddy calls upon me.

I think it may be obvious when you really think about it, because things need to be taken care of.

I don't have a job right now. This is a good/bad thing. It is bad because I we don't have the added income [although thankfully we get by just fine on Daddy's paycheck] and I don't get to fill my days with a job. As much as jobs can be a hassle, they at least fill the days with something. It is good because I get to spend time with our dogs and take care of the house. I am also able to peruse online and keep up with everything that I do online. I know if I had a job that some of my online activities would suffer a bit.

Not having a job makes my life as a slave a bit different than slaves with jobs. I am able to wear my collar all the time [minus shower time since it leather]. I know many slaves with jobs cannot wear their collars because of their jobs. I know others who are able because they wear collars that are not inherently kinky. Such as this one.

The life of a slave is not glam though. Although I do get to sleep in!

I wake up and take the dogs out. I might go for a walk but mostly this is just a 'relieve yourselves and get back in the house so I can check my email'. Then I do just that usually, I check my email and do all other things internet-y. This is not glamorous. It is fun though.

I'll call Daddy and see what I am eating for lunch. This is something that we tried out the first week I was here and it stuck. It was actually one of the few things that stuck. We don't have many protocols. Which is fine for us because we just fall into this with each other. We fit.


Then I do what I need to around the house after lunch. Usually this always means dishes. Oh, and taking the dogs out again.

I then usually take a shower and get pretty for Daddy. Here's the thing though, I don't always get pretty. Take today, I was wearing short shorts and an extremely old mickey mouse tank top. Oh, and my hair was just eh. This is something I am trying to improve on though. I would love to be well put together every time he comes home since I am home all day.

We always eat dinner together. This is my favorite part of the day. I like that we take a break from the events of the evening and spend thirty minutes together no matter what. The events differ from night to night, but we try to be around each other as much as possible.

We are... quite normal. Scary right??? The neighbor who hosts your weekly poker night might be kinky!!!! I am not any different from the uber-vanilla down the block, except that I take orders and like to be choked. Okay, so maybe I'm a little different... ;)


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