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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Gifts are something I love buying, especially for ones I love. However, I am unemployed and therefore don't really have many means to buy gifts. Really the gifts I'm talking about are gifts for my Daddy. I can always ask Daddy for money, and he decides whether or not I get it. Usually I do because I rarely ask, and when I do ask it is for stuff that I really need or have been lusting after for a while [like my new butt plug!].

Back to the topic though, Christmas just passed and I was lucky enough to have some spare pennies to buy him some neat stuff. My favorite thing that I bought him was a picture frame that said "Daddy & me" and I put a picture of us in there. I also got some money from relatives for the holidays so my plan is to save that for Valentine's Day and our anniversary. I already bought him his Valentine's Day gift. It really isn't related to Valentine's Day, but I know it is something that he will like. Our anniversary is in May, which is far off, but I like to plan ahead so I am already trying to think up what to get him.

I like buying him presents. I really do. Being unemployed leaves me in a sticky spot where I can't though, and that makes me a bit sad.


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