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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lucid Dreams Petite #60 - I want better dreams.

I received my Doc Johnson Lucid Dream Petite #60 in the mail and was beyond excited. I had been looking forward to the gspot toy for a while since so graciously allowed me to review it.

For a toy that is only 20 dollars, the packaging is quite cute. It looks to me that the packaging is marketing this toy towards the 18-25 women. It has some swirls and is 'dreamy'. It also boasts that the toy is waterproof and virtually silent. The packaging is just plastic though, so you will need to store it in something else. I always recommend plastic storage bags, but I've also heard of people saying they wrap their vibrators in silk scarves. I figure the plastic bags are a little less extravagant.

The material is jelly, so if you are sharing you need to use a condom. This toy CANNOT be sterilized, only cleaned. I also would say steer away from using this anal. It is not how it was intended and due to the lack of a flared base it can lead to an unpleasant trip to the ER.

Now, onto the good part- or not so good part...

I did not enjoy this toy. Which was really sad because I really wanted to. As soon as my Lucid Dream Petite #60 (now on - LD60) was out of its box the smell was awful. I've had other jelly toys before, most of which have a particular odor, but this seemed stronger. I washed it a bit and let it air out, which helped a bit, but not much. It also is not one of those toys that you want to put in your mouth due to the smell.

Like the box said, the toy is very silent. I was surprised and how quiet it was. I have no reason to hide my 'alone time', but if you are I would say this is something you might want to look into. The box also says it is waterproof. I dislike using toys in water, but I did test out how it performed under water, and it worked just fine. No water leaked into the battery compartment so that was a huge plus.

This toy is made for those who may not want all that girth. The LD60 has a diameter of 1 3/8". The insertable length is 6". It is a cute little thing.

Now to the most disappointing part, the vibrations. I could barely feel the vibrations. The bullet inside the toy just doesn't put that silly smiley grin on my face. This takes 2 AAA batteries [not included] and some may attribute the low vibrations to that, but I've gotten better vibrations off of watch batteries. I'm sure you could use this as a clit stimulator but unless you have an extremely sensitive clit, I wouldn't even recommend that.

I was really sad that this didn't work better for me. I really wanted to adore this toy. Overall, I probably never recommend this toy. There are many better products out there for the same price. However is awesome for being so great and letting me review this g-spot vibrator for them.


Kayla said...

I always want to try g-spot vibrators, but most of them never work for me. :(

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