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Friday, January 15, 2010


I have a headache. I am also sort of upset with myself because I did not do what I wanted to today. In fact, I slept until almost noon! Which always throws me off. Although I love sleeping, so I guess I don't mind too much. I walked the dogs, rode my bike, and messed around with my blog. That all took me around 90 ish minutes. Not too bad. I've been playing around and looking into blogs of the sexual nature lately and got completely wrapped up in one today. I seriously spent HOURS reading it. My problem is that I like to read every post from the beginning. If you have many posts [like this girl did] then it takes a long time.

So I have a headache.

I am wearing my Daddy's button up shirt though, and that makes me happy. It smells like him. Ahhhh. So nice. :) He will be getting home ANY minute. Woo. I want chinese for dinner, but I know he said something about having pizza tomorrow so I doubt I will be able to convince him. I would totally pay!!! Although that is sort of funny because all of my money is his money considering I don't have a job...

Tehehe. Anywho... Last night was some pretty hot sex. My cunt was so sore from some earlier fucking, so when he came to bed and made me open my legs I asked if he could use lube [the third time I've ever asked, I usually get wet enough on my own]. He said something about having to leave the room or something [I was half sleeping so I couldn't tell you for sure] and so he wasn't going to get it. He forced his cock inside of my definitely not wet enough pussy and I swear it was so hot! I know, it sounds weird, but him taking me when I ask him not to, or to take it easy and he goes all rambo on my twat, yummy. I came very hard. :)


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