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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Age Play

I got an email today from someone who has read my blog. [Wooo for emails from readers!] They noticed that I call my boyfriend, Daddy. They also noticed that in my about me page I say that I am not into age play. I also mention this in my edencafe bdsm definitions article. Her question was how I felt about age play. She asked if I looked down upon it. She also asked why I don't partake.

So I answered her questions individually and felt that it was something that the readers here might be interested in. So here you go...

How do I feel about age play?

How do I feel about it? Well I feel fine with it. I feel like it is a kink that, like some other kinks, is considered taboo because people who don't understand it associate it with pedophilia. I am comfortable with my age playing friends because I know it is a part of them. Just like being a slave is a part of me.

Do I look down upon age play?

No! I hope that no one gets this impression from my blog. A lot of my friends are age players.

Why don't I partake in age play?

I don't partake in age play because it isn't something that I feel passionately about. While at some point I do find I have tendencies that relate themselves to age play, it isn't something I could see myself really devoting a part of my heart to - right now. However, as I state in my kinky 100, I am intrigued by nonsexual age play. It is definitely on my list of things to explore further.

Those were my answers to her about my feelings about age play. I hope that no one feels that I look down upon or have any negative feelings what-so-ever about age play. Like I stated, a lot of my friends are age players. I know it is confusing to many that I call my Daddy, Daddy, and there is no age play involved. It is something that I may become more interested in, in the future. But right now I'm doing so many other things that I don't think I have the proper time to devote to exploring it fully.

If anyone has any questions further, don't hesitate to email me- or comment here.


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