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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rant. Be Warned.

So, I want to be a teacher. To be specific, I want to be a high school English teacher. There are tons of reasons behind my future career path. I will have summers off and will have the same vacations as my children. [When I have children] The pay is good. Seriously, teachers are paid for nine months out of the year. Plus all those vacations. And the state that I work in, I would be making around 40,000 right as soon as I graduate with a bachelors. When I get my Masters I will be making at least 60,000. Then with raises and experience, your pay increases. The pay is good.

Anyway, this rant isn't about people not realizing that teaching isn't the shit pay that so many people think.

This rant is about those people who are always so confused when I tell them I am going to be a teacher. They always say, "but you are so smart, why are you going to be a teacher????".


Yes, I am intelligent. Yes, I pride myself on getting As. Yes, I am proud that I scored a 30 on my ACTs. Yes, I am proud of being as smart as I am. I am also proud that I am going to use my smarts to better our future children.

I have a passion for teaching. In my education class, I was excited to go and learn. I want to be the best teacher.

Today, I had someone who doesn't have a degree and makes around 16,000 a year talk down to me, because he thought that being a teacher would be an easy job. It pissed me off. If it was so easy, why don't you go do it??? I am not talking down to people who don't have degrees or don't make a lot of money. But don't think that you can talk down to me.

It pisses me off that people think what they do about teachers. I agree that some people shouldn't be teachers. I agree that some people get into it because they think it'll be easy. I agree that there are shit teachers out there. That's why we need to change legislation to make it so you need a Masters to even start teaching. Not only will this keep people who are just doing it because it is 'easy' out of our school systems, but it will ensure better teachers!!! While yes, it would probably raise taxes because every single teacher's salary would be higher, it would be worth it to have the people who will be running our hospitals, government, and companies smarter. Because if your teachers are better, the students will be better too.

Okay, end rant. Will post kinky stuff later...


Nisha Domme said...

I think being a teacher is kick ass! Go you!!! Screw those who say otherwise.

Alley said...

1. We have two things in common...Italian and both want to be high school English teachers. That's just funny.

2. Umm...since you want to be a teacher begin smart would be the #1 most important thing. Duh.

I changed my major to culinary because of the whole "you need a degree in secondary education" thing. I call bullshit. They wanted me to take a position teaching math. NO. I hate math, I am bad at it, and I REFUSE to be part of the problem (I will not be a teacher in an area I am not good in).

I totally agree with what you said. Well put.

Kynky Kytty said...

Teaching is far from easy, and it's true teachers need to be good and intelligent. Kids these days have no discipline in school.

And yeah, duh, more kinky stuff, please... ;)

Kayla said...

That's a silly thing for people to care about. We need intelligent teachers and just because you want to be a teacher doesn't make you stupid. :) Everyone should follow what they want to do; regardless of their educational background.

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