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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My life as a gamer's slave.

My Daddy is a gamer. He plays video games for hours and hours on end. His favorite is Eve, a computer game that has spaceships and an economy. Although if he likes a PS3 game, he can be at that for hours too, he is a nondiscriminatory gamer.

It has definitely affected me as his slave.

When I first moved in, he let his Eve membership [it is a game you pay for monthly] lapse. We spent every night together, mostly watching tv. But we were together in each other's arms. We cuddled and found something to do. I will admit, it was really nice. I actually didn't know that he was as dedicated of a gamer as he is. The sneaky guy hid it well!

Well, about three months after moving in, he decided it was time to restart his Eve membership. I figured he would play a couple of evenings a week. I didn't really expect it to change anything. When he first started and it was every night, I brushed it off as he was just excited to play again. However, when it continued to be every night, I got to be a bit jealous of the game. I wondered if I was doing something wrong. I wondered if he was playing to get away from me.

I ended up resenting the game. That's right, I was resenting an inanimate object. I felt so cool. Every time that he said that he was going to play, my blood would boil. I probably made a snide comment or two as well. Maybe not too his face, but they were flying in my head.

Finally, one night I ended up saying something. It was when we were in bed, and it wasn't something nice, I'm sure. To be honest I cannot really remember what was said. However, I remember what he said. He told me that Eve was his way to relax. He likes his games. And the biggest one of all, I was invited into the office when he was playing.

I didn't really know that before. I know it sounds silly, but we only had one desk, so I thought he went in there to be alone. He corrected that and said I was more than welcome to bring my laptop, or a book, or just myself in the room when he was playing. I was relieved to find out he wasn't running away from me.

So after that I would bring my laptop into the office and sit on the floor doing my own thing while he played. Even though we weren't playing together, we were in the same room. We could share a laugh over something, or just a quick peck easily because we were in the same room.

Although, sitting on a hardwood floor for hours on end just isn't comfortable. So a couple weeks ago we ordered a desk for me, and a chair. We finally set it up today, it took a while, but it is done. I am loving it. We are both able to do our thing COMFORTABLY!!!!! I am really excited about this.

So, it has definitely been a journey to this point. I used to really dislike him playing his games, and now... I sort of look forward to it. We both do our own thing, but we are doing it together. That's the important thing, spending time together. :) So, life as a gamer's slave is a good one.


Kynky Kytty said...

I was with a gamer once, and he would prefer playing than having sex with me. That's not a life I wanted. But I'm glad you both found a middle ground.

Kayla said...

I have the opposite problem - my slave is a gamer. Works well for me. If he does something wrong, he loses the games. That makes him shape up quickly. :P

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