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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prompt - Chore.

I have wanted to blog the past two days, but have had a writer's block. It's been frustrating so I grabbed a prompt from

What are your favorite domestic chores? Do you have any tips to help others do things simpler?

Okay, so here is the thing... I don't really have a 'favorite' chore. I don't get all pumped to do the dusting. However, when I am in the mood for cleaning, everything is my favorite. Sometimes I just get into a groove and can clean for hours and be completely happy. I usually can get into these moods once a week.

Sometimes the mood is stronger than other times. Sometimes I feel like I can clean the whole house. Other times I just want to tackle a room.

Here's the other thing though. I feel like I am failing epically at cleaning lately. I look around and I see boxes or just STUFF laying around. Yesterday I cleaned the main room a bit. It was nice to clean, but I wasn't really into it. I sometimes feel like this makes me a bad slave, but then when I take a step back I see that I do whatever Daddy asks of me. If he asks me to do something around the house, I do it without hesitation. It is sometimes finding the motivation to do things that he doesn't ask of me that I find hard.

I do it though. I do find the motivation some days. Just not everyday. I'm lucky that it is okay with my Daddy. Our house is not a mess. I think if it was a mess that it would irritate me quicker than him.

As for tips for other people... I'd say just stay on top of things. It bothers me to no end to have to do hours worth of dishes at once rather than twenty minutes everyday. Other tips? Windex. Seriously, Windex is the shiz. I looooove Windex.


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