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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I am a No Limits Slave

Something that always gets people all in a huffy on FetLife, is the 'no limits' slave. Some people seem to think that there is no such thing as a no limits slave. Then, there are others [like me] who are no limit slaves.

The biggest argument on the side of those who think that no limits slaves don't exist, is that we all have SOME LIMITS!!! After all, we wouldn't shoot our mothers would we????

Okay, see this annoys me. Because, the thing about being a slave, is that I chose my Master. I chose a Master who wouldn't ask me to kill my mother. It was a long journey to becoming a slave. I learned what my Daddy wants from me, and what he expects from me. I wouldn't become a slave for someone who would ask me to kill someone.

I had limits when we started out, because when we started out, I wasn't a slave. I had a no masks limit. He doesn't like masks either, so when I did become his slave, I knew I wouldn't have to worry about masks. He doesn't like them, and I am deathly afraid of them. Although, if tomorrow he came home and had a mask in hand, I would accept that it was his decision. Because he owns me.

A funny thing I heard in a discussion once, was that all of us slaves who are no limits, aren't really because if a random person came up off the streets and told us to drive a nail through our we wouldn't do it, so we have limits.

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am a no limits SLAVE. Which means I have no limits with my Daddy, because I'm his SLAVE. I have no obligations to anyone else. I think it is the most absurd argument against no limit slavery I've ever heard.

I have no limits with one person, that is the person I am enslaved to, my Daddy. Because he wants me to be as good as I can be. He wants me to be both mentally and physically healthy, because I would be a useless slave otherwise. I found someone who cares about me and who had dislikes that matched up with mine. That way I knew that he wouldn't ask me to be his scat slave, because scat is one of HIS limits. Just because I am a no limits slave doesn't mean he is a no limits Daddy.


Biddable said...

I've always maintained that I have limits, I just don't have the right to have limits.

I suppose I could always, theoretically, refuse myself into an early grave, because if I didn't go shoot my mother in the motherfucking head there would be consequences. In theory.

Kayla said...

I suppose it makes sense. I say my slave does, but like you said, I'd never cut off his limbs or anything, so in having no limits, he chose the right partner for it.

Anonymous said...

I am a no limits type, for my Master. It is exactly like you said. I wouldn't be with my Master if it required me to do something that would so dramatically affect another person. My Master wants the best things for me as His slave, M/s is a type of guidance, in that sense, and Master helps me grow into the best slave for Him, which happens to be the best thing for me. Thank you for this write-up. There are plenty of idiots and trolls on FetLife, and those that just feel the need to piss on lives like You, me, and so many others live. Despite this though, it remains the best place to encounter decent and wonderfully like minded people. Thanks again. ~His~

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