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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Saturday Night [or at least it was...]

So, I had been craving some attention lately. After last weekend's fail, I was really disappointed in myself and wanted to prove that I could take it. So, as I tweeted on Saturday, I set out to 'entice' Daddy. Okay, not really entice. He was playing his computer game and I went in and asked if he wanted to play with his slut. He, thankfully, said yes.

So, I got ready. I shaved, did my hair, lipgloss, cute outfit, etc. I like getting dolled up to get messed up. I asked what he wanted me to bring out to use. He told me to pick. I got really excited at that. It didn't mean that he would use everything, but it did mean that he [most likely] wouldn't use something that I didn't put out. So I brought out rope, three different kinds of vibrators, nipple clamps, anal plug, ben wa balls, the crop, lube, the bit gag, and... I think that is it. I didn't know what he would use, but I knew it would be fun.

He came out and quickly put the bit gag on me. [heavenly, I LOOOOVE my bit gag] He went on to warm me up with his hand. It was nice to be able to take it. The rest of it included the ben wa balls, a bullet vibe, anal plug, and the crop. Once he was satisfied with the damage he did on my ass, he told me to open my legs for him. I happily obliged.

The orgasms were fabulous. It wasn't about the pleasure I was receiving though, it was about being able to take the pain. I was so proud of myself, and I knew I was pleasing him by not stopping.

I can't wait for the next time, because I know I can take it. I want to take it. It feels good, really good. :)

-PS here you go, a kinky post finally! :P


Kayla said...

I love crops. They're probably one of my favorite toys.

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