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Friday, February 19, 2010

Review- Between the Sheets Game.

The wonderful sex toy website, was kind enough to send me the Between the Sheets erotic game. I was really excited to get this game. It was actually the first erotic game that I have ever used.

The box was really nice. The purple was nice, and would fit on any shelf with Monopoly or Trouble.

Now onto the not so good parts. Because, sadly, the box is the only nice part. It is advertised as a board game. Which, when I think of a board game I think of something like Monopoly or Trouble. This is more like Twister. There is a plastic 'sheet' that is supposed to go on top of your bed. There is even a spinner [just like in Twister] that instructs you which limb to move.

The instructions are really really poorly written. They are only on the box, no instructions once you open the box. AND, that the instructions on the box are really poorly written. So when I opened the box, I was expecting there to be more instructions.

Here is how you play though. You lay the sheet down on your bed and you and your partner start on other sides of the sheet/bed. There is sixteen hearts with 'instructions' written on them. The instructions are very simple and straightforward. There are 8 separate instructions, which means the instructions are doubled.

So, you spin the little dial and it tells you which limb to move and how many spaces [1 or 2]. The only thing is that there is no path, so it is confusing where you start. It is advertised as also promoting kinky positions. This really confuses me because it doesn't really do anything kinky, really any positions...

The game takes about... ten minutes. And it is weird. It asks you to bite your partner's earlobe, suck their toes, and fondle an erogenous zone. It's strange. I played it once, and it led to more laughter than anything sexy. I played it again, trying to figure out how to make it more sexy, but it really was just annoying.

Okay, so here's the lowdown.

Pros- the box, it can be played by couples of any gender combo [MM, MF, FF]

Cons- No instructions, strange game, not sexy, really quick play.

So, I really wouldn't recommend this game, but I am really glad that I got to try it out. Go check out the other toys/games/fun naughty things as


Nisha Domme said...

Thanks for the review. I sometimes look into erotic games, but I never really find any that work or aren't totally cheesy.

Kayla said...

Icky. I love adult games (more like an obsession) but I wish more of them were high quality. The one I've found to be the best is "Discover your Lover".

JonsBabydoll said...

That's definitely on my wishlist after reading your review of it.

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