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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine's Day.

So, I made my confessions yesterday. Well, I bet all of you are wondering how my Valentine's Day went. Or not, but whatever. I'm going to tell you anyway. So, get interested.

We both slept in. Which was nice enough in itself. You see, I always sleep in. It is the one plus side to being jobless. However, my Daddy doesn't have the greatest hips, and when he is awake, he is awake. No drifting in and out. Just, awake. Boo for him. But today, he slept in with me, which must have been the day's way of being nice to me from the start.

He went shopping first thing in the morning [groceries]. And I primped while he was gone. Shaving and doing my hair, and of course the all important lip gloss. I will have to blog about my lip gloss at a later point. *makes mental note*

The coolest thing though was putting on the corset I got especially for today. It's pink and really pretty and I love it. He arrived home and gave me roses [pink], a big heart chocolate sampler, and a white teddy bear. I couldn't stop smiling. Sure, everything screamed Valentine's Day, but they were from him and I couldn't stop grinning!!! I felt like the most special girl in the world. He apologized for the generic gifts [he said I'm always home so it's hard to buy a gift and put it someplace when I'm always around] but I didn't even care. I loved them so much because they were from him. And because he didn't forget about Valentine's Day.

We chilled a bit, then he started pawing at me and we took the action into the bedroom. I went down on him, he went down on me, then we fucked. It was simple, but really nice. We laid together for a bit and chatted.

We finally mustered up the energy to get up and did our own thing on our separate computers. But somehow, it was just perfect. Why? Because it is just like every other day. I firmly believe that we show each other we love each other every day. We don't need to focus on each other today, because we focus on each other EVERY DAY.

Although he did let me order pizza today. Win for me! I love pizza. Which also meant I could order chocolate lava cake. Which is the best dessert ever. Sooooo good.

It was really a simple day, and minus the gifts [I got him a 'slut' paddle, a bit gag, the corset (which are all used on me :D) and the Austin Powers gift set], it was like all other days. Which makes me happy with our relationship. Because, we express our love every day, so the day you are 'supposed to' doesn't feel any different for us. I am extremely lucky.

It is by far the best Valentine's Day ever. Not because of the gifts, because I have gotten the chocolates and flowers before, but because I was spending it with him. And because it made me truly appreciate how much we do love each other every single day.

:) Definitely a Valentine's Day win.


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