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Saturday, February 6, 2010

WTF? Family...

So, I know that this blog is about all things kinky, but family is something that is apart of every relationship. My family is... strange. You can go back and read about when they interrogated my Daddy about our relationship when they found out we were dating. [Dubbed 'The Pow Wow] Some people who know me in real life know that my mother kicked me out in October. I came to live with my Daddy. Then I visited her for Thanksgiving and we agreed I would move back in January. Then two days after we agreed upon that she did some pretty drastic things and kicked me out again.

The only family member who knows the whole story is my [paternal] grandmother [and possibly my paternal grandfather]. To be honest, they are really the only family members I feel like I can count on. The rest of my family have pretty much deserted me. I moved, and they stopped talking to me. My birthday came and went with only two phones calls from family members. Christmas came and went, nothing from them. [I was spending Christmas with my paternal grandparents so obviously they were there for me]

Well, today was one of my cousin's birthday. She is young and doesn't deserve to be put in the middle of any family drama, so I called. Like I said, she is young so when I called her mother [my aunt] answered. My aunt was rude to me and quickly handed the phone off to my cousin. I didn't talk for more than a minute because they had family over for her birthday. It was a simple phone call, and yet I got off the phone fuming.

My aunt made a comment about how we hadn't talked in a while. She has made NO effort since my mother kicked me out. I called in the very beginning and would leave messages, but I refuse to be a beating horse. I will not continue to call when I won't get phone call back. Her fingers aren't broken, she couldn't call??? It all is very frustrating.

I talked to my Daddy about it and pretty much told him that I want to write them off. I have no desire to be apart of a family that does not care about me. I have friends and other family members [such as my paternal grandparents] who do truly care.

It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt though. It does hurt. I was always told that my family would always be there for me. But when I get an older boyfriend, bam, some of them start dropping off. My mother kicks me out, bam, the majority of the rest of them drop off. It does hurt. The only way I know to make it stop is to do what they've done to me, and write them off as family members.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it helps or matters... but to empathize with you, things have been the same way with my family. It's been a couple years since the rift happened between me and mine. The extended families responses were of the, we will always love you, just don't talk to me or my kids. My parents reaction was of the our child is now dead variety. Anyway... I know this is old and I am just going through the blog, but as someone that can relate, I am sorry... I understand... *hugs*

Kayla said...

I hate dealing with my family too. There's always something going on that makes everything a mess. I love them, but there's always something.

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