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Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Play Party

Last Friday night I went to my first play party. I have been talking to one girl on an adult fetish social networking site and she is one cool chick. Since Daddy was in town last week we decided we would meet up with her and her boyfriend. After messaging back and forth a few times, she invited to a play party that they were attending. I was nervous, but having my Daddy there made it better. So we said we would be there!

I'm usually not a typical girly girl in matters such as clothing. I usually throw something comfortable on and go, but this was a different story. I was worried that I wouldn't have the right dress. Although I had a retro-ish dress that is black with some three large white circles on the bottom that I wore. I ended up actually getting complimented on it a couple of times! But anyways...

We walked in and saw the girl and her boyfriend standing near the door. I have seen pictures of her, but she has never seen my face, so I introduced myself right away. I was a bit nervous, so my hand didn't leave my Daddy's for a moment. We mingled with the people at the party, people kept coming and coming it seemed like. The playing started about a hour or so into the party. The girl who I was chatting with online hopped on top of a cage and got fisted and sucked her boyfriend off. It was quite a show. I know I enjoyed myself. Not only am I an exhibitionist, but I am totally a voyeur too. Better than that though was watching her get spanked on the St. Andrew's Cross. I just love watching people get spanked... and getting spanked. Hearing her cries and the loud SMACKs was such a turn on.

Once that was finished I was overly horny. I pulled down my Daddy's pants and put him into my mouth. I went at him with a hunger, craving his cock. A vaguely knew that people were watching, but at that point, I didn't even care. I just needed him in my mouth. Then we both got to the point where we wanted to be fucking, so he walked around the couch [I was kneeling on the couch and he was behind it standing]. In the time that he walked around, someone complimented how my Daddy "has an amazing cock". :D He really does. Imagine the perfect cock, that's my Daddy's cock!!! I'm so damn lucky. He sat back down and I went at him again with my mouth, deep throating him and using my expertise. Then someone else commented that I looked like a "phenomenal" cocksucker. :D That's right... PHENOMENAL! :D I just love giving head... Then neither of us could take it anymore, Daddy pushed my face down into the leather couch and pushed my dress up my hips and shoved his thick cock into me. By this point I took a quick moment and noticed that we had a crowd. He didn't allow me to look around for too long though, pushing me down and fucking me from behind. [which is seriously one of my FAVORITE positions] I came so hard. It was... unbelievable.

I cleaned up after ourselves and then mingled some more. It was so nice to meet people who are into the same things that I am into. Some are more advanced, some are less, but we all are accepting. I think that is what I like about the people who I have met, there is no real judgement. I don't like knives, you do? Awesome! Tell me about it! I love that everyone is so open. I don't need to hide myself. I am an extremely open person, so the non-judgement thing is VERY important to me.

That was the play party. AMAZING!!!


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