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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Week

Alright, there is so much to post, but I want to do it in some order... I am just going to go day by day. Sadly, I know I will miss things in here, but I just couldn't find the time to post. I remember all the little things, but if I wrote down all of them, it would be a horrendously long blog post.

Tuesday- Tuesday was a fun day. Daddy and I went downtown and had a blast. We saw Transformers 2 and I loved being there with him. Granted, I do wish that we had been the only people in the theater [or that the back row was empty] but that was not the case. However, something so simple, was so great, just because it was with him.

Although I do think this is sort of funny, before we went into our theater a lady stopped us because she was doing a survey. Daddy and I were holding hands and I was huddled pretty close. The lady is reading off all of her questions, "when did you decide to see this movie", "did you read any reviews about the movie", etc. Well, then she says "And..." and points to the sheet of paper. He then answers, "She's my girlfriend". I think it's funny because she was reading ALL of the questions, then decided to point to that particular one. I know that our age difference [16 years] is not the "norm" for girls my age, but I know what I like. I love the public displays of affection too [we are tasteful about it though], so I know that people look. One lady [on a different day] was shooting me the evil eye on the train because I kissed him. *shrugs* oh well... :D

Oh, then, on with Tuesday...

After the movies we went to the hotel that we stayed at a couple of months ago. We rode the elevator up to the top floor, then found the stairwell. We walked up the stairs, crossing our fingers until we reached the door to the roof... AND IT WAS STILL OPEN!!! The last time we were there, we noticed it was open, but never got a chance to do anything up there. So this time we snuck out there and I got on my knees. It was around 6 downtown, there were high rise buildings surrounding us. It was so hot having him in my mouth and knowing that hundreds of people could see us if they knew to look. He then asked if I wanted him to fuck me. I was into the task at hand [or should I say mouth... (cheesy I know...)] so I was shocked when he asked, but happily said YES PLEASE!!! So I bent over and he fucked me from behind until both of us came. Mmm, it was a fantastic time!


Wednesday we had planned to go watch some fireworks downtown. We went downtown in the early afternoon and walked [and walked... and walked... and walked... :P] around. We saw an apartment building that had apartments for rent and went inside to check it out. I loved the apartments, but really, I think I am just in love with the thought of him being up here full time. You could show me a 120 sq foot box for 12,908,429,700 dollars in rent a month and I would love it. Okay... maybe not that expensive... Still, you get the gist. The thing I love most, that really was proven this week, is that we are compatible on more than just a sexual level. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. We get along just great in the forms that we get along in, but I was a tad nervous about in real time... if that makes any sense at all... We totally do though. He knows how to make me smile, laugh, feel good, all that good stuff.

So then, we watched fireworks and came back to our hotel room. I collapsed. I am such a weenie when it comes to bed times. I fall asleep sooooo quickly. Then again, I was sleeping next to a hunky naked man who kept me in his arms, of course I fell asleep.

Thursday- Thursday we walked some more... lol, I just want to say, I am great with walking, absolutely fine with it! Although, I brought the wrong shoes to do any amount of walking exceeding a quarter mile. Here's the thing, I smiled the whole time we were together! He was great. We went to an aquarium and had an amazing time. I was a total little kid about it. I love that kind of stuff though, museums and aquariums. Not to mention, I was with someone who I love, what is better than that?

After the aquarium we went to an Irish restaurant, which was really really good. I tried mussels [they were mussels right?????] for the first time, and yummy! I just liked being with him. Sitting next to him and talking, being there, it felt right.

After that we went to a local attraction that is a HUUUUGE Ferris wheel. It goes really slowly and you have a view of the city. So, Daddy and I decided to take a ride. Of course on our ride things manage to get a bit out of hand [and into mouth ;)]. I love having him in my mouth. Sucking his cock is honestly one of my favorite things to do. Although the Ferris wheel did end... :( but then we walked down to see more attractions, ended up taking a sightseeing boat ride, and had fun there too [not of the naughty sort though]. That's what I love though, we can have our naughty fun, but have other fun too. It's not all about sex and naughtiness. He is so caring, the small kisses and holding hands, that makes my heart melt. He makes it so easy to love him.

We then took a bus to a different area of downtown and went to a munch. I was super nervous. I didn't know what to expect. However, having him there was what made it all doable. I had a lot of fun, met some really great people, and can't wait to go back. It was really nice to meet people in my area and to meet people who I could talk about things with. I am going to try and make it back there at least once in the next two weeks.

Friday- Friday was amazing. I was told by a friend that I had been talking to online for a while [and trying to arrange a meeting with her and her SO] that there was a play party on Friday and that if we could make it, we should come. Daddy and I talked about it, and figured that we had nothing else planned, why not? Once again, I was soooooo nervous. I think this time more than Thursday night. I didn't know what was going to go on. I had never been to a play party. I'd like to think I didn't let my nerves show as much, but knowing me, I was probably shaking from how anxious I was.

Before I get into the play party though, he and I took a nap [yummy... naps...] together. It was a long one, but a glorious one. I just love sleeping next to him. I can say that it is one of those things that I got used to and am missing terribly.

After the play party, Daddy was hungry and the only place around the train station was a McDonald's. Also considering the time, it was probably one of the few things that would have been open besides bars. So we went in, and I got a happy meal. Which is what I usually get there, but this time I was excited because the toy that comes with it was Beenie Babies. I was holding off on buying anything this whole time, because my mom thought I was on vacation with some girlfriends, not having a wild crazy sex week with my Daddy... BUT, a beenie baby wouldn't give away location! So I got the happy meal and inside was a ladybug. It sounds silly, but I love it. I named it immediately. :D I'm a total girl about that apparently, but I really don't care...

Saturday- we slept in, which is understandable from the early morning hour that we got to bed at. I was a little sad Saturday because I was thinking, this is my last full day with him, or I only have "x" hours left. But then I realized, I can't think like that, because it is taking the fun out of the moment. He and I had a mellow day on Saturday. We went into a new part of downtown and walked around a bit, went into a pet shop and looked around at all the dogs and cats. I am such a sucker for animals. Oh, then Daddy bought a pipe! Like, Sherlock Holmes-esque pipe. I actually really liked it. It doesn't smell bad [although later when we were in the hotel room and he used it, it gave me a small headache, but I think it was the small space that we were confined to.] and it looks neat.

Sunday- Sunday was a hard day for me. Daddy and I had a couple of great sex sessions. So, I have always maintained, that receiving oral is not that great for me. I LOVE giving oral, but a guy going down on me never really had much appeal. Well... DAYUM. He is... amazing... spectacular... phenomenal... Even thinking about his tongue now... *wet panties* Then he got on top of me, fucked me until both of us came and collapsed into a heavy breathing mass. We both needed more of each other though, so he got behind me and fucked me raw. It was the best thing ever. I love him fucking me from behind. He can spank me, pull my hair, choke me, and make me cum so quickly. The positioning of where his cock hits inside of me is just... amazing. We both finished again and laid there. I didn't want to move. I definitely did not want to pack up the room. But it needed to be done. We packed up and left the hotel. Of course, me being the girl that I am, I cried. I did not want him to go. I wanted him to stay. It was really selfish, but I love him... I knew I wanted to be strong, but my tear ducts were not cooperating with me. The extra time at the airport was good, because I was able to be let down a little before complete separation. Although when I went to get inside Platinum's car, I started really crying. The last thing I wanted to do was see him go. I wanted him to STAY! I am lucky with him though, he came back, gave me a hug, and comforted me.

Now, he is gone. I'm at home. I miss him like crazy. Falling asleep last night was brutal. I started crying. All I wanted was to be in his arms. I got spoiled... Sleeping next to him. Getting woken up by having my legs spread open or having him push me down to service him, I miss that. I got my "good morning beautiful" wake up call though, which helped. Then first thing today I went out and bought a webcam. So it's a little better, he can see me on top of me being able to see him.

I am going to write three more blogs today, one about random sex acts that happened, the one about the party, then the other about one of my favorite aspects of the trip.


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