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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, I've got some down time, and this blog has become my new favorite thing, so I decided to write some more. I'm sure I'll do this topic more than this one time, but here goes nothing, fantasies. Everyone has them. Everyone has something they fantasize about. Some of mine range from quite 'vanilla' to dirty and dark to funny. Today is a funny one. Well, not funny, but I do think it would be fun. Just something light and, yes, humorous.

Unlike some fantasies, this one has no specific needed time or place, although every time I think about it, I think about it taking place in a bedroom. Although interesting enough, it is never my bedroom [or any bedroom I've ever been in] that's the setting. But that's just when I use the fantasy during my alone time. ;) Back on topic though, this fantasy has no needed setting or time. All that you need to speakers of some kind... and a song by Britney Spears.

Are you hooked yet? I know I would be. Although maybe that's just the horniness talking... Set up the speakers where you are and undress. In my mind I am always laying on the bottom of the bed naked with the other person standing above me. They lean over, growling instructions in my ear, "sing every word, or we start over", simple enough. They press play and "Hit me Baby [One More Time]" streams through the speakers. I struggle not to laugh out loud. I remember the song from my childhood and start to sing along as Britney's voice starts... "Oh Baby, baby...". I go to lean up on my elbows to see better and sing better, but the other person pushes me down, reminding me that I did not have permission to move. I continue to sing, embarrassingly not missing one word. Then the end of the chorus comes, "give me a siiiiiiign, Hit [smack] me baby one more time [smack]". I had some inkling of what was coming, but even so, it was a shock to feel the sharp slap upon my bottom. I miss the start of the next verse. The song gets started over, the same smacks offered at the same places. Enough time in between the spankings to let the pain settle slightly and let the flesh become tender. My mind wanders a little and I miss another word, the song gets repeated and repeated until finally, on the sixth or seventh go, I get through the whole thing.

After that beginning, it can go into different directions. Depends on if I was a "good enough" singer to deserve getting fucked, or if I get ordered around some more. Usually the latter happens in my mind. I just like getting down on my knees, so most of my fantasies involve that somehow. This one is simple and fun. :)

<3 Babydoll


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