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Monday, July 6, 2009

Daddy and Babydoll

Well, funny enough, this is the hardest blog to write. Who would have guessed? I am not so good with putting my feelings out there. But I have thought to myself, I love this man, if putting myself out there is something that he doesn't like, maybe that isn't what I want. So, I love him. Hearing him say those words back to me [he said them first too :D ] is magical.

But this is the story of how we met. How Daddy found his babydoll. I belong to an adult website. I post a lot there and am quite popular. This is not a bragging statement, it just is. Well, he had joined and complimented me a few times in public. He was charming, but I didn't really distinguish him from anyone else except for the fact that he knew how to write well. Then one day he sent me a wonderful message privately. I could tell that he meant what he said and that he took time on the message. I checked him out before I replied back. I was a bit wary, he really wasn't a big contributor and I RARELY messaged back "newbies". He even had two things up that I thought him to perhaps be just to be looking for some Internet fun, not what I was looking for. However, something about his message made me go back and reply.

It wasn't a standard reply that I sometimes passed off to a handful of men at a time. I actually responded back. After a few messages we moved it to IMing. Something about him kept me coming back to him. I was exploring another option, but I couldn't for some reason let him go. When this other person and I were together, I couldn't help but wondering about him. Was he ok? I wish that I could IM him... I wanted to talk to him. Even though I was spending time with another person. That should have been my first indicator that he had somehow gotten into my head.

The other person ended up being a jerk, and I realized how great I had it with my Daddy [although this was before he was my Daddy, at this point he was a a really good friend that had potential]. The only thing I worried about was the distance, how could I deal with that? But I decided not to worry and let things happen as they do, no pressure. Then he proposed that he come and visit me. The singer who sings "our song" was in my area. He bought tickets [a true gentleman!!!] and came up. After a bit of arranging, we finally met. Mindblowing sex and a fantastic guy. It was too good to be true. I could write for hours about that weekend that we spent together. I realized some way through it that I loved him. He was everything that he had said, and we fit. He was what I was looking for. Things that I was looking for that I didn't even know I was looking for.

*sighs* that blog does not even do us justice. It was purely magical and wonderful. I am soooo lucky that not only he messaged me, but that I saw past the "newbie" and saw the wonderful man that I now love.

<3 Jonsbabydoll


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