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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anal Sex.

Alright, this is the topic that I have been taking a while to form the right way to write it. I've never had anal sex. I became sexually active [ugh, I hate that term but it's accurate] at a young age. Well, not terribly young, but not old either. Virginity was never something I was saving for marriage, or for "the one", or any romantic view like that. Being a girl with a higher sex drive, I devoured all the knowledge and most of the experiences that I could. I was safe, but I wanted to know it all. Previous boys/men that I've been with, a couple have specifically asked for anal, others don't, but it was something I was aware of at a younger age.

Anal was not something that intrigued me. I was fine getting my jollies off via other means. My best friend in sophomore year tried anal and hated it. Then in junior year, my other best friend tried it and hated it. I resolved that I was not going to do anal. Well, I guess that is the wrong thing to say. I told myself that I wouldn't do anal unless the guy was REALLY special to me. REALLY special. It was sort of like my new "v-card".

A couple of weeks into knowing my Daddy we were playing online a bit and in our play he virtually slipped a digit into the virgin territory. I was open with him and told him I'd never done any anal play or anal sex. He was a bit surprised, but understood. Even when we were talking about what were some limits, I told him that anal was one of mine. I knew that I wanted it to be with someone special. It might sound completely cheesy, but oh well, I don't care.

The longer I am with him though, the more I become interested and fascinated with it though. Some days I have fantasies about him raping me and taking it, other days, it is a bit more of a girly fantasy. However, he is the only guy that has actually made me WANT to have anal sex... I think that's pretty damn impressive... I'm nervous as hell. I don't know what to expect.

I love him so much. I think that is why I feel safe enough to let him do that. He makes me feel safe in every situation, so why would this be any different?

Well, I guess that is all there is to say...

<3 Soul


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