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Monday, October 5, 2009

Kneeling Num 2

Name at least five things you enjoy doing in a submissive way, other than sexually.

I actually did read the "at least" today, but my list isn't much longer. There are so many things that I enjoy doing in a submissive way that I believe it would take me much longer than two ten minute kneeling periods to think of them.

1- Kneeling.

Genius, I know. To think of kneeling while I am kneeling. It is something that calms me though. I did it this morning as soon as I woke up pretty much and felt so content. It put me in my place right away. It is always a great thing to do when things are hectic because I do it for my Daddy. I don't kneel for anyone else. The meaning behind it for me is great.

2- Sitting at Daddy's feet.

Okay, this is something that I have loved since my Daddy and I met the first time. It is one of the things that I can still clearly remember about that weekend. Looking up at him, well.... I'll talk about that later this week.

3- Eating out.

Alright, this was a weird one for me when it popped up in my head. I love it when my Daddy tells me what I am going to eat when we are out someplace. I think it is because I am being taken care of, but I also don't have a choice and that turns me on, not sexually but just turns me on. He obviously takes my likes/dislikes into consideration. He makes sure that I don't get mushrooms/tomatoes/onions, but beyond that, I don't have a say. Now, this doesn't happen *every* time we go out, but I wouldn't mind if it did. I like it. :)

4- Sleeping naked.

This is one of my rules, so I figured because it is not sexual [although it could totally lead to sexual things, yummy!] I could add it. Also, if I was alone I would definitely wear panties and probably a shirt depending on the temperature. So it is the rule and my followance [yes, I totally just made that word up] of the rule that makes it make my list. I love the skin on skin contact, so when I am with my Daddy, it is definitely preferred by me so this is one of my favorite rules.

5- Cooking.

I wasn't sure if this one and the next one counted, but they are encompassed in my submission, so I am counting them. I love cooking and cooking for my Daddy, making sure he is taken care of is of supreme importance to me. Nourishment is a part of that "taking care of".

6- Cleaning.

Knowing that I am taking care of my Daddy, once again, makes me happy. Cleaning the house is a huge aspect of that. Right now it is a bit of a piece to chew, but once I get it to a daily manageable thing I am thinking that I won't be so exhausted just thinking of it. I am making my way through it, and although it is a bit more than I have done before by myself, I am still loving every moment. I am loving it because it ties into my submission to him.

I thought of a few more, but they were not as well developed. I love my Daddy. I am in love with my Daddy. I am HIS.


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