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Monday, October 12, 2009

My new favorite blog.

I was reading a thread on fetlife and was immediately drawn to the opening post and its writer. It was a female who was extremely intelligent. The intelligence thing is always a turn on for me. You could tell by her writing that she was well educated and knew what she was talking about. I went to her profile and saw that she had a blog. As you all know I am a blog-aholic. Not just about writing entries, but finding good blogs to read as well. This woman had around thirty pages and I read each and every single entry. It's pretty much all I did with my spare time. Each blog entry pulled me in. One especially I was drawn to [which is posted below]. Her usual format is not poetry like such, it is prose. However this entry was something I could relate to...

Walk in and slap me across the face with your open hand.

Call me a whore, as if I were in a position to argue.

Grab me by the hair and drag me to the bedroom.

Bend me over the foot board.

Force me into a submissive position.

Raise up my skirt, letting me know you just want to use my cunt.

Tear the thong away from my ass.

Shove your thick cock inside me.

Pull my head back by my hair;

Force me to watch myself be used in the mirror.

Use your other hand to tighten the collar around my neck.

Fuck the shit out of me like you own me, because you do, for an hour.

Make me scream, moan, and growl like an animal.

Use me to masturbate yourself.

Don’t worry about whether or not I’m enjoying it.

Use me like a piece of meat;

A fuck hole.


The blog is and the author is Alexa. Please, go read it.

Now, for a bit of background on the blog and my new found love for it. The author of the blog is a paid companion. I remember when I was 16 I used to think that I would be kickass at that job. Not a streetwalker, but an actual escort/paid companion. Unfortunately the stigma and everything dashed any further thought. Reading this blog though put it back in the forefront. As most of you know I recently moved states [which meant quitting my job]. I am currently unemployed. Which sucks majorly. However, something interesting happened to me that is not unlike how the blog author started her journey.

My Daddy and I placed an ad looking for another couple in our area to play with. We also stated that we would entertain singles as well. So of course we got plenty of single guys emailing us. I was thrilled! One email however caught my eye, it said this gentleman was only looking to watch, and he would be generou$. The dollar sign of course caught my eye. We responded back and arranged a meeting [tomorrow]. The amount of money just to watch for 60 [ish] minutes, astounded me. After setting that up I started thinking more and more about stopping my search for an entry level position and put out a few feelers in the other direction. To me, it would be foolish to work 40 hours when I could work 3 and get the same amount of money [more actually]. I don't know... we'll see. I have talked to Daddy about it and he didn't say yes and didn't say no. It is more about my safety at that point. Like I said before... we'll see. :) What are your thoughts on it?


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