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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prompt- Letter

Pretend you are writing a thank you letter to someone you know in the Lifestyle.

Dear Bubbles,

I remember when I first started fetlife I was still very much in the dark as to how the whole thing worked. I didn't know if I could contact anyone, or if it was more like how I operate facebook and only those who I know in real life I add and talk to. I was contributing somewhat, but not to any real degree. I couldn't find any threads and when I did, someone else had already said what I would have. One day I found something that you said on a thread and it connected with me. I cannot remember what thread it was, I wish I did.

But anyway, that led me to your profile. I read your "about me" and the way you described your relationship was so... true. It felt like my words had been taken from me and were written on the screen. Whether or not it was correct protocol, I messaged you. I couldn't NOT message you. You were so friendly and just so happened to live really close. I was so happy when we started talking. You were such a genuine person. You were so nice and most of what you said I could directly relate to. Coming from a place where not too many could relate to me [or who I could relate to], it was amazing for me.

When we met, the connection you have with Shrew just was amazing to see. It was so much more intense than anything you had typed. Words cannot describe the love you have for each other. It is amazing to see you both together. Like I have said here before, I totally have a couple's crush on the both of you. You both are such great people individually and together you are this super power.

I want to thank you for being there to just talk, to ask questions, and to have you in my life even in the small way that you are. You are a fantastic person and I feel comfortable around you. You might be one of the best people I have ever met in my entire life. I know it sometimes seems cheesy when people say "don't ever change" but truly, don't ever change. Because you are an amazing person and I am lucky to have met you.

Thank you.


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Please keep in mind that everything I write is my opinion and what works for me. Please don't ever feel like I am trying to force my ways on you, or that I feel your way is wrong. Things are different in every M/s, D/s, T/b relationship. What works for me may not work for you or the next person. It is all I know and therefore all I can write about. Please feel free to comment and let me know how your relationship or opinion differs though. :) Much love!


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