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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fantasy - Rape me.

It is Sunday and I was horny all day today. My pussy soaked through my panties. The cotton material was stuck to me and my scent was all I could smell. I tried to keep my mind off of my desire; I started listening to music and dancing. That didn't help though, my moves were too sexual. I finally stopped fighting it and hopped into my bed. I pulled out my little vibe and pushed aside my panties as this fantasy played in my head...

I am washing the kitchen floors. My headphones are blocking out any noise, music blaring into my ears. My hips are swaying to the music, my shorts are more like panties they are so short. I'm only wearing them and a sports bra. I should be alone in the house but I feel strange all of a sudden. I turn around and see him, standing in the doorway, licking his lips. I go to run but slip on the wet floor as I try to get up. A growl of a laugh comes from him. I try to stand up once again as he slowly walks over. As I finally get to my feet he grabs my wrist and tugs me down to the floor again. I start to scream out for help but he twists my arm until I am screaming in pain and he tells me to shut up. I listen and shut my mouth. He rips off my shorts and panties in one quick swipe. He calls me names. Filthy whore, as he dumps the dirty water over my face. I am gasping for breath. He just laughs. He shoves me into the position that he wants and takes me hard. Nasty slut. Your cunt is dripping. Disgusting bitch. I am left like that when he finishes. He walks out of the door, leaving me in a cold heap on the floor.


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