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Monday, September 21, 2009

Stream of Consciousness III

Alright everybody. Twelve minutes. Starting now.

I am scared. I am so deathly afraid these days. Being in love is the most wonderful feeling ever. I masturbated today with Ben-Wa balls in. It was one of the most intense orgasms of this week. I loved it. Mmmm. I was reading a story about gay guys. That seems to be the only thing that can get me off these days. I tried watching gay porn to see if it had the same effect... It didn't. I had to turn it off, it did nothing for me. But the stories definitely did. In fact, when my Daddy and I were together and he went out for a conference call he allowed me to play and use his computer to find stories. I was in the middle of using a gay story, so sorry Daddy, you have gay porn stories in your cookies, or history, or whatever.

I'm horrible with computers. Oh, but is it bad that I wish I could have finished getting off by myself? Daddy came back from his call about thirty minutes early and I was *so* close. He ate me out and I came, but still, sort of wish that I could have gotten myself off. Which is weird, but whatever. I like masturbating. I like sex more though. I miss sex. I seriously miss sex. I miss my Daddy. I think about him all the time. It can be quite inconvenient when I am trying to keep my concentration and all I can think about is his thick cock or something of the like. That's not even true, I think about his cock often, but more often, I just think about him. I love him. I am in love with him. He makes me so happy. I feel like I am floating everywhere.

I really want to be spanked. I want my ass a bright red. I want him to hurt me. I hate that I have to wait another month before anything else happens. I detest the distance more and more every time he leaves. I feel so alone. I want him. I want him. I want him. That is all that runs through my mind. I love him.

I love fetlife. I love that it connects me to the people in the community. How wonderful is that? I met Bubbles through fetlife. I really like Bubbles. I like what she has to say, and more than that, I like her relationship. The way she presents how she feels resonates with me because I can identify so readily with it.

I love my Daddy. I love my Daddy's freckles. I love my Daddy's red hair. I seriously love my Daddy's red hair. I never even considered hair color before. But his hair is so amazing. I love it. I was thinking about his hair yesterday. I love his hair. Gosh, that is repetitive. Oh well, that is the harm of doing this thing, my brain can be repetitive.

I am only wearing a shirt and a bra. Oh, and Ben-Wa balls. My pussy is soaking. I masturbated about twenty minutes ago. Oh, I already told you that... Whoops.

I need money.

I love my friends. I miss a lot of my friends from high school. They were an attentive bunch, always listening to my sex-capades. What better friends can you ask for? Friends that listen to all your sex-ventures and don't judge!

Alright, that was 12 minutes. :)


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Please keep in mind that everything I write is my opinion and what works for me. Please don't ever feel like I am trying to force my ways on you, or that I feel your way is wrong. Things are different in every M/s, D/s, T/b relationship. What works for me may not work for you or the next person. It is all I know and therefore all I can write about. Please feel free to comment and let me know how your relationship or opinion differs though. :) Much love!


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