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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Countdown

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say To Ten Different People. (but don't say their name)

1. I see in you what I saw in her. Don't go down the same road. I love you more than I think you realize and all I want is for you to be better than what you are becoming.

2. I really wanted to have sex with you.

3. I am scared.

4. I wish I would have realized what kind of person you were before I got involved with you. I was so blinded by the past that I couldn't see what type of person you were. All I saw was what I wanted to, not what was really there.

5. Every time I see you I wonder what your cock looks like.

6. I miss you.

7. I wish you accepted me.

8. I hope that you realize that I love you so much. I respect you. And nothing that he did was your fault. You are the best man in the whole world, and there is no one who I would rather fill your shoes than you.

9. You are an amazingly strong woman.

10. I want you to know, that I love you. This is some silly thing between family, I genuinely care about you.

Nine things about myself:
1. I can quote certain parts of Titanic
2. I have never had candle wax used on me
3. I hate feathers being used on me sexually.
4. I love ice being used though.
5. I think incorporating food into sex becomes more funny than sexy.
6. I would love to be raped about once a week.
7. There is something that I used to be totally against that has gotten me off quite a few times the past couple of weeks.
8. I am going to be having anal sex for the first time this week
9. I cannot wait to be choked this week

8 ways to win my heart:
1. Love me
2. Be honest
3. Intelligence
4. Funny
5. Let your inner Dom out.
6. Like closeness [kissing, holding hands, cuddling]
7. Open Minded
8. Kind to other people and animals

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:
1. I really fucking want sex.
2. Awww, my kitty is so cute.
3. I need to call that shop to see if they carry that brand
4. I want sex
5. Is it close enough to lunch/bed to take my ten minutes
6. I want cock.
7. I'm so lucky

Six things I do before I fall asleep:
1. masturbate
2. text/email/call my Daddy
3. check fetlife
4. check emails
5. plug my phone in
6. make sure alarm is set

Five people who mean a lot:
1. My mom
2. my Daddy [not the biological one, the one you all are accustomed to reading about]
3. Platinum
4. Mediterranean
5. Me.

Four things you're wearing right now:
1. Victoria's Secret Panties
2. Grey Tank Top
3. Blue Hair Tie around my wrist
4. Glasses

Three songs/artists that you listen to often:
1. Dixie Chicks - Travellin' Soldier
2. Kate Nash - The Nicest Thing
3. Nickelback - Fly

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Visit Paris
2. Teach

One confession.
1. I know.


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