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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday, September 13th

I did not like waking up on Sunday. I knew in my heart that my Daddy was leaving, as soon as I started to wake up that was in my mind. I felt the tears starting to well up. I left the bed to go to the bathroom, cried for a moment only to compose myself so I could get back into bed. I snuggled back under the covers when my Daddy started to touch. I started to squirm. To be honest, I didn't want his touch because I wanted to go back to sleep because in my mind if I went back to sleep, Sunday would never come and we could stay there... together. That is all I want, I just want to be with him. My squirming was seen to be resistance and to do the play rape that I had been asking for. I didn't mind, as my wet cunt could tell you.

After the rape I curled under the covers. Not sure if I was seeking warmth, or hiding from leaving. It was a hard day for me. The day he leaves always is a hard day. It is even hard writing this. I may or may not be crying [although leaning more towards may]. Although one of my favorite moments was right before we were leaving the hotel room and I was over by the bed clearing my stuff when he came up behind me, pushed my face into the bed and pulled my dress up and started fucking me. His cock is amazing.

We ended up going out to eat and watch the football game. :) I enjoyed myself [despite what the tears may have been saying]. I dropped him off at the airport and cried again. Big surprise. I got through most of my drive home without crying. I was two miles away from my house when I broke down again. I didn't want to be going back to my house, because it hit it home that I wasn't going home to him...

It is still hard that he is not here. However, I am looking forward to the next time that he is here. Which I think will be in November... I miss him like hell...


Soul's Sky said...

And I miss you, beautiful....but I'm going to see you again as soon as we can...

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