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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday, Sept 11th

So, then the next day...

Waking up next to my Daddy is one of the best things in the whole world. Feeling his skin next to mine is seriously one of the most amazing feelings. [It is one of the things I miss most] We woke up and some really good morning sex. Since we slept in, there wasn't too much we did before heading out to go to the tobacco shop and pet store!

My Daddy went to the tobacco shop to get some tobacco for his pipe. I walked down the street to a pet store we visited last time. I went straight to the cages and almost started crying, all of the same cats [minus one] were still there! A month later... It just tears me up. However, I can understand why, the cats are 300 dollars! 300!!! I'm sorry, that is just insane.

After admiring the kitties, we went over to a friend's house. I'll call her Sushi. We went over to Sushi's house and it was her, her mentor [who I will call Kite], my Daddy and I. We had some drinks [me not so much, I don't really drink all that often] and ate dinner. It was really nice, being able to laugh and talk with friends. I felt so bad because I didn't bring anything food-wise. I would never imagine going over to someone's home without bringing something or at least asking to bring something. Considering my Daddy and I were living out of a hotel room bringing something would be a bit hard. So instead we packed along the movie, Secretary. Kite and Sushi were thrilled. So after dinner we all gathered round and watched the movie. It was good, I had never seen it before.

After dinner the men went out for a smoke telling us to make a decision on what to do next. Instead we gabbed. I think it was in the back of all of our minds what was going to happen next, no need for us to discuss it. The men came back in and we laughed over the whole entire "my family grilling Daddy" incident. Then the men asked if we discussed what we were going to do, we both shook our heads, nope. It didn't take long though for me to have my skirt up to show off my panties [per Daddy's order]. Then we walked into Sushi's bedroom to see the toys that were available for the evening. In no time I was naked with my wrists and neck tied together. I loved the feel of the rope, and I loved the feel of being tied, vulnerable, secured. I used my mouth to work DAddy up as right next to me Sushi was doing the same for Kite.

To be honest, the rest of the evening was a bit of a blur.My Daddy and Sushi had some fun in the bedroom while Kite and I had our own fun in the living room. It was my first time doing anything with more than one-on-one interaction. It had been in my fantasies for so long. I will admit, it wasn't as fanciful and fun as I imagined. However, I think that with time it'll be better. There wasn't entirely respect all the way around, and if that was different, I think it would have been better. Also, Sushi isn't into girls, which saddened me, but I understand it. I don't expect every girl to be into girls. I think it would have made the whole thing better though. But Sushi is an amazing girl who I adore. I really want to hang out and become closer friends. I feel like I can be friends with her. No need for sex between friends.

My Daddy and I left and I fell asleep on him on the train again. I think just being near him makes me want to curl up and sleep because I feel so comfortable and safe. He is the most amazing guy. He can read me like no one else. I am HIS, completely. That is the way I like it. That is who I have become, and I don't mind one bit.


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