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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thursday, Sept 10th

Thursday my Daddy came in. I was so excited. I woke up especially early to get ready. I groomed and prepped until it was finally time for me to get in the car and go pick him up. I was driving to the airport when the phone rang. It was my Daddy! I then saw that up ahead, the road was closed. I was pissed, I am horrible with directions and didn't know how to get to the airport otherwise. Luckily my Daddy is a genius and helped me out, only to come to realize I was going the right way the whole time. I pulled up to the arrivals and saw him standing there, handsome. My heart fluttered. I was so excited I was fumbling with my seatbelt and pretty much making a fool of myself. Daddy actually deposited his bag in the backseat and got in the passenger side before I could even unbuckle. I was so excited. I kissed him then we were on our way.

I couldn't believe he was right there. It felt like forever since the last time we saw each other. We went to the hotel [insanely early] but the staff were nice enough to let us check in. I was sooooo excited about this because it meant more sex time! We were in the hotel less than five minutes before clothes were off. I love my Daddy's naked body.

We have this tradition that the very first thing that we do when my Daddy comes in, is I'm on top. Simple really, but it is always done that way. I love the way that his cock stretches me out. The nice thing is that I can control the speed and since it is the first time again I like to go slower just to accustom myself again. But we fucked and fucked some more. It was quite quite amazing. I came quite a bit, although that is per usual.

Then I knew it was going to happen. He told me to grab the lube and he went to get a towel [to make sure that the lube didn't get on the sheets]. I spread my legs and threw them up, giving him full access to the only virgin part left of me, my ass. I was nervous. I was scared. I knew it wouldn't hurt, but I didn't think it would be pleasurable either. He came back and lubed up my tight ass, slipping a finger in. My eyes were clenched tight, I was so anxious. Then he put his cock up against the loosened hole. Popping the head inside was the hardest part for me. Not because it was actually difficult, but because I was so nervous I wasn't letting myself be open to the possibility of enjoying it. He slowly pushed further and further into me, slow thrusts. My eyes weren't as clenched, it didn't hurt. Finally he was all the way in. He thrusted, in and out, in and out, in and out. I'm sure my face was entertaining because I went from clenched nerves to "ooooo" and "ahhhh". It felt good!!! Coupled with the name calling [after all, I am a dirty little three hole slut] I actually came. Which was the most surprising thing for me. I couldn't believe it!!!! I enjoyed the heck out of myself! And I know from the reaction it got out of him that he enjoyed himself too! :D That is definitely something that will be happening again I am sure of it.

After that we had to run to an appointment and from the appointment we ran to the grocery store then we went to an adult store then back to the hotel then to the munch that we go to. Mundane and boring stuff usually, but with him, it is all so much better. I love being with him. He makes everything so much better. Being around him makes me happy. The thing that always comes to mind after these visits is how much he actually cares. We were grocery shopping and a blister formed on my foot [pleasant reading, I know] and he walked slower to make sure I didn't agitate it any more than I had to. It is the simplest thing that really means the world.

We went back to the hotel and unpacked everything. Including my new Ben Wa balls! We put them in then headed off for the train to go downtown for the munch. Halfway there we had to switch trains and this one was waaaay more crowded. We had to stand. It wasn't bad at first but then the train started jerking and swaying. At this point I would usually be terrified, but my pussy was soaking and only getting wetter. I looked up at him and he knew that I was having lots of fun. He leaned down and growled in my ear, telling me how everyone on the train knew I was a little slut and how dirty I was. Talk about dripping!

We finally made it to the munch and I got to sit down. Which meant I wasn't having the Ben-Wa balls spinning around. I got to see a few people who I really like. So many people are friendly! I love it. I had a hookah for the first time. It was pineapple flavored. It was fun. I will admit though, I just like being next to him. We ended up leaving later in the evening. I fell asleep on the train back, curled up onto my Daddy as much as I could be. He makes me feel so safe. I feel like I can relax around him.

When we got into the hotel room and both of us were so exhausted that we fell asleep. In his arms I feel at home. In his arms is where I belong, it is where I want to be.


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