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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Miss.

I am on vacation for the holidays, away from my Daddy. It is very frustrating and it hurts. Before, when we were long distance, I knew what to expect, I went day to day living my life without him. Sure, I missed him like crazy, but it was life. It is a completely different ball game now. I am so used to seeing my Daddy EVERY DAY!!! It is weird to be away from him, especially for this long. I've been cranky/upset with him because our way of dealing with this separation is completely opposite. After posting about it on fetlife, someone said to throw yourself into chores and such. This would be great if I was home and he was away, but I am the one away. So I thought to ask him for a writing assignment. This is the assignment he gave me.

-What I miss doing for/with Daddy-

  • trying to sneak out of the bed in the middle of the night to relieve my ridiculously tiny bladder and not wake him up
  • Handing him his cell phone when his alarm goes off in the morning, then cuddling crazy close to him for as much time as he 'snoozes' for
  • calling him when I wake up and walk the dogs in the morning to say good morning
  • calling him to ask him what I may eat for lunch
  • Answering the phone and hearing him tell me that he is coming home. Then deciding if I will dress up/meet him outside with the dogs/kneel naked/masturbate before he gets home/etc
  • Cleaning up around the house for him
  • Watching him shower
  • Joining him in the shower and getting peed on
  • kissing him
  • Hugging him
  • Standing at the doorway to our screened porch while he smokes out there and talking to him
  • talking to him about his day
  • Helping him cook [since he totally kicks my butt in the kitchen]
  • eating dinner together
  • cuddling on our couch
  • sneaking my hand down his pants while we snuggle
  • listening to his witty comments whenever we watch a program
  • Doing the dishes!!!! [lmao]
  • finding something on hulu for us to sleep to [or a dvd]
  • snuggling close while sleeping
  • sex
  • sex
  • sex
  • sex
  • sex
  • sex
  • sex
  • tasting his cock
  • his body warming mine up
Writing this now makes me wish I was in his arms. His strong arms that protect me.

*sighs* It hurts, but it helps that I am doing something for him with this. So while it makes me miss him, it actually helps on a certain level too.


Soul's Sky said...

I hope you know how much I miss you, babydoll....

I know how much how I handle this has frustated you, but I'm me....and you love that....


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