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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pain Tolerance Day 2

So last night was 11 paddle hits. It went down much differently than the first day. I was immediately allowed the ball gag and the ability to bend over the desk. For some reason such a huge fear came over me. I was absolutely scared shitless. I was shaking and did not want to do it. I asked if we could skip it, and I say Daddy looking at me, contemplating if I could handle what was about to come or if I really needed a break. He told me that I could handle it and to bend over. I tentatively bent over.

Daddy rubbed the paddle against my ass. I pushed my ass back when he went to take the paddle away, effectively keeping my ass stuck to the paddle. He told me to stay in place or he wouldn't be happy. So I kept my place and waited for the blows. By the first hit I was crying. The fear made everything worse. I know he wasn't hitting me as hard as the first day, but it hurt more. All of the blows were on the lighter side of medium strength except for the last one. As soon as the eleventh one hit I collapsed into a heap on the floor. He tried to calm me, telling me how well I did and what a good girl I was. He was sitting in the chair and stroking my hair, calming me. Once my tears subsided a little he told me to take care of him now. His cock was once again hard [I love that he gets off on hurting me] so I wrapped my lips around him. I felt so dirty. I felt so... taken advantage of. But in a good way! I backed off midway and he showered. I watched [like always] and then we laid down in bed.

I opened my legs and his tongue brought me to the highest peaks. Wave after wave of orgasm swept over me. It felt so good. I love it when he goes down on me. After he finished with me I returned the favor. I licked him, rimmed him, pleasured him until he was fully erect. I laid back on my back to have him fuck me, but as soon as he entered me I realized my pussy was still too tender. It hurt like a m*therf*cker. So instead of fucking like bunnies I sucked him off until he came into my mouth. I love the taste of him. Apparently I make small noises when he comes in my mouth and I am swallowing it. He told me this last night, I have never realized it before! lol.

But anyway, it was a good night. Since we took a night off my broken pussy should be fixed now!!! :-P


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