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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pain Tolerance Day 1

So Daddy paddled me last night. It started my pain tolerance training. I requested using the rope ball gag that he fashioned and he tied it, giving me a bit of calmness. I really like having something to bite on when I am receiving pain like that because otherwise I bite my teeth and I feel... off. Something doesn't feel right when I don't have something to bite down on. Maybe it's because the time that I took the most pain from Daddy I held a paddle in my mouth in the beginning then a gag at the end.

Back to last night... I asked to go over the desk as well because I like having the stability below me and being able to put my head down. He told me just to bend over and put my hands on the chair. I listened. He rubbed his hands over my ass, relaxing me a little. I was uncomfortable in my position though so my heart was beating faster than normal. The first blow landed and tears immediately sprang into my eyes. At that point I begged to go over the desk and he saw that I needed it at that point so he said okay. I bent over the desk and it immediately put a calm inside of me.

I was still frightened of course, but it was calming being in a position that I was comfortable with. By the fourth hit I knew I was going to cry. By the sixth hit, tears were flowing. Ten was definitely a good stop for day 1. I wish I could take more, but that is what we are working towards!

After the paddling was when the real fun came... I was standing up and Daddy kissed away my tears. I swear, I soaked myself at that moment. Such a turn on... His cock was hard I grabbed it and said it looked like he enjoyed himself. He had me sit on the desk chair and suck him a little, then grabbed me and led me into the bedroom. He laid down and I finished sucking him off. He came down my throat, mmm. I love the taste of his cum. I love worshiping his cock. He is yummy.

So that was day 1. I am definitely looking forward to day 2!!!


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