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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Outfits and Lingerie

I am in the process of writing a similar post to this about toys, here is outfits and lingerie that I want... Wishlist!!!

- sexy french maid teddy. I would totally love to wear this while doing housework. Mmmm.

- Domestic Goddess. I'm not really into the 'one size fits most' because fit is weird. However I *love* this.

- Sexy Satin Bra and Garter set. Once again, wary of this 'one size fits most' especially because I'm quite boob-alicious. But it's cute.

- Lace halter top with thong [raspberry] I think this is so sexy. It looks like it would be a dream.

- Daisy Lace Babydoll Set I think I would look good in this. It is appealing and sooo cute. Mmmm. I think the cut of the top is nice too. I can see that being one of my go to pieces of lingerie.

- Spanish Lace Peek-a-boo set. Too bad that this is out of stock right now. I love the lace and the cut [once again] of the top is perfect for me.

- Royal Satin Chemise with G-string. Oh... my... gosh... the color is stunning. As long as the color in real life is as vibrant as in the picture I think I would be verrrrrrry happy.

- VS unlined Demi Bra. I think this is sexy. I actually don't own any VS bras. Although 90% of my panties are VS.

- Reversible Corset. It looks so sleek and elegant. Here is another pop up of the pink! [at least on one side]

- Reversible Satin/Lace Overlay Corset. I love the look of the design on the model. It looks beautiful and once again reversible. I've never had a corset so I don't know if reversible is horrible or if it is actually okay.

-Satin Jacquard Corset with Lace Trim. I love the red/black look of this. Not reversible, and I think that is better...

-Sugar Cookie Cami and Thong. I am IN LOVE with ruffles lately. I don't know what draws me to ruffles, but they are hottttttttt.

-Satin Tapestry Flowered Jacquard Strapless Corset & G-string. This looks chic. It looks expensive in the picture. It makes me think of Pretty Woman for some reason [the gloves?].

-Asian Tapestry Strapless Corset Set. I love the luxurious look of the deep purple here. The design is so simple, yet it is gorgeous.

-Pleated Passion Bustier. The youthful colors here intrigue me. The pink/lavender really attract me to this. I think a lot of lingerie is so dark. It's nice to see some color.


Angie said...

I'm not gonna lie, i totally perved out for a while thinking about you in some of those

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