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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Truth Comes Out. PT 2

So, Socks and I picked up my Daddy from the airport and honestly, seeing him is just the best feeling in the world. Even under the unsavory circumstances I wanted to jump his bones right there. Kissing him soothes me. I can't say that all of my fears went away when our lips met [although that would be a great way to romanticize the situation], but I can say that my nerves did settle a little. The car ride was... weird. I knew it would be, but quite frankly I expected some grilling to begin there. Socks mainly stayed quiet. A couple syllables when I talked directly to him, but nothing to my Daddy mainly. They did exchange a brief little thing on how baffling it is on how certain restaurants can have buildings on every corner, but nothing about us.

We stopped for gas on the way home [literally on the corner of my street] and Daddy and I pumped and talked. It was something, only a few minutes, but it helped us be okay with walking into the lion's den. We arrived home, and I can't even put what I was feeling into words. It was FUCKING SCARY. Yes, I am even dropping a "f" bomb, that's how you know I was almost wetting my panties. We walked in the door and I introduced my Daddy to my family [Not as 'my Daddy' obviously. There is no reason for them to know about my kinks]. They were almost salivating to attack him. It was subtle things that I picked up on, and I'm sure he felt it. I will say, now looking back, it is amazing how many people showed up. I mean, I do have an amazing family that I know will drop things at a moment's notice to be there for me. Sure, it is a bit smothering and not needed in this situation, but they think it was needed, so... yeah...

I can't even remember all of what was said. Daddy and I sat together, fielding off question after question. I think that he was really amazing about it all. It is one of the reasons I love him, he cares for me. I know that might not make sense, but he truly cares for me. He came up for me. Everything that he said and did, made me fall deeper in love with him. I saw not only how much that he cared for me, but seeing him sit there and take all of the abuse just made me realize how much I cared for him. Some people in my family were more accepting than others. We didn't walk out of there with any double dates set up, but I do think that certain members of my family are looking to include him. They are trying, and they want what is best for me.

They don't understand a lot though. However, I can understand why they don't understand. Which leaves me in a weird place. They don't believe that I can understand them, but I really do. I don't think it is hard to understand their position. I do think it takes more time to understand certain things about our relationship though. There is a stigma [especially in my family] about meeting online. I am not ashamed of meeting my Daddy online. Do I wish we had met in a different way? Ummm... it is sort of hard for me to answer. I like how we had to connect online, and I don't think we could have done that in person. So I guess, no, I wouldn't want to meet him another way. Not to mention, I have no clue how the heck we could have met otherwise. Other members of my family don't understand the age difference. Which is once again, fine by me. His age is SUCH a turn on. Seriously, every time they said something along the lines of, "He is old enough to be your FATHER!!!!" my panties got a bit wetter. I LOVE that my Daddy is older than me. mmmm, seriously, even writing about it now, I want to pull out my little vibe. I will resist though... I need to finish this blog anyway...

Eventually everyone left though. Some of them were more okay with it than others. I think some people were warming up to the idea. I know no one left there saying that they wanted him to be his best friend, but I think in time they will see how amazing of a man he is, and that he loves me. So, it was my mom, him, and me at the end. We talked about the plan of attack. My Daddy is going to be moving to my city. Which was always plan A. I just got antsy. I give my mom props, I know she was trying to be as understanding as she could.

My Daddy and I then got some alone time. We sat in the living room and put Signs in the dvd player. Both of us knew that we would fall asleep, but falling asleep together was fine by both of us. We did end up falling asleep and woke up around 3:30. We finally ended up in the same bed. Shirts and pants discarded. My hand wandered beneath the covers feeling his cock through his briefs I knew that both of us were wanting each other. I pushed down the material, feeling the stiffness in my hand. I love playing with his cock. It's thick and hot. I couldn't resist too long and my mouth went around it. I knew that I wanted my fair share of his cum. It is delicious. After feeling his cock pulsate in my mouth and shoot his load, I relished in the gloriousness of having his cum in my mouth again. [okay, romanticized language, but totally the truth] I was quite content after that to curl up next to him and go to sleep. I love sleeping next to him. I can fully admit that I am spoiled, my Daddy is the BEST sleeping partner. I am completely biased, but that is okay.

We woke up today [Sunday] and once again, I felt his cock popping out of its cloth prison [too much?]. He wanted to be respectful, but I was waaaaay too horny. I begged and pleaded. We both wanted it, but we wanted to be respectful... However, I got on top of him and rode him to three orgasms. Every time I slide down on him after a little bit of an absence it is pretty much an instant orgasm though. Which is totally fine by me! He just fills me like nothing else. It was very vanilla. It was great though. Quick, but it got the job done. I can't speak for him, but I needed it. I needed the release. It was hard to be quiet, but I totally accomplished it!!! I was proud of that fact alone. Although he had a bit more hair than last time and when riding him it was rubbing against my clit and it was crazy intense. Very very nice. Mmmmm.

Then after a bit of post coital talking and such we got dressed. There was a bit of morning conversation over coffee with my mom. Nothing too intense. We ended up going back into the living room to finish watching Signs. I just love being next to him. I fit. We fit. My Daddy and I went out to lunch before dropping him off at the airport. It was nice to spend some more alone time together. I love him and we don't get to see each other as much as we would like right now, so it is nice to have those little lunches. Then when done, we drove to the airport. What a killer ride. I always hate that drive when dropping him off. I didn't cry [that much] though. I was proud of myself. Whenever I even started to tear up I just remembered him saying, "no fussing babydoll" and I fixed myself. It isn't that bad, I miss him don't get me wrong. I miss him like hell. I want to be with him. I know that we will be together soon though. I can live with this. I am happy that everything is out in the open. I am happy that I can be honest with everyone finally. I think that since people know I will have a bigger support network when I miss him and the such. Who knows. I know that I will see him in the next 60 days though. That's what matters, I can wait that long.

So, that was my weekend!!! How was yours? :P


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