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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Truth Comes Out. PT 1

Alright, I took a nap. I am not saying that I will be writing this eloquently or any more clear than before, but I do have some sleep in me. So, let's start with the beginning...

My family did not know about my Daddy. At first it started off because there was really no need for them to know. We were talking and getting to know each other, but nothing was serious. Heck, even when we met for the first time, it was still not as serious as it is now. Then we fell in love, and our communication went up. I felt awful every time I had to lie. It was not my thing, I hate lying. But it was done because the age difference between my Daddy and I is 16 years, not something I am ashamed of [actually it is pretty darn hot if you ask me], but I was afraid that my mom would cut all the ways that I communicate with him. I know that may sound childish, I was relying on my mother to provide the lines of communication, but couldn't tell her who I was using them for. However, I have never said that in my mother's house, I don't rely heavily on her. I am not about to go into my financial situation and the ways that my paycheck get divided, but there is a reason that at 18 I do still have my mom paying for gas and my cell phone.

That is beyond the point though. My Daddy and I had discussed me moving. I had actually convinced him to let me move in with him. Now don't take that as he didn't want to, but he had his concerns and I was the one pushing for him to tell me that I could move down with him. So anyway, he did say yes and I was slated to move Saturday [yesterday]. I was having a friend drive me to the airport under the assumption that I was going shopping with her. There was a bit of a fight brewing at home because of some financial steps I had taken to move, so I chose not to deal with them another night, and left Friday night. I deviated from the plan. I left a note telling my mom that I was moving out. I really didn't give too much information besides that, I didn't want me moving to be ruined. She of course called me when she read the note, wanting answers. I picked up, ready to be unresponsive to her questions. I wanted to stop lying though, and eventually it came out that I was dating my Daddy. She begged me to come home and spend the last night before I moved away in my own home. I want to say that was my biggest mistake, but in reality, it was good.

I went home. My mom was crying when I went home, expectantly. She was begging me to stay, I was determined to leave. She was questioning me about my Daddy and I saw that one way or another, my mom was going to do everything in her power to keep me home. My uncles showed up one by one, each one of them bringing their own flavor of scary. The more that showed up, the more closed off I got. I had already made my decision. However, by the end of the night, they had convinced me to let Daddy meet the family before running off. So my Daddy made arrangements for his two dogs, and had a flight the next day. The agreement was that since the flights for me back on Sunday [today] were just too expensive, even with a transfer of my ticket, I would have a flight down there next weekend. THAT was the agreement.

The uncles left and it was just my mom and me at this point. She was crying and asking questions about him , which I was more than happy to answer. I was happy that he was no longer a secret to my family. My mom kept me up pretty late talking, which I was fine with. My Daddy got on his flight the next day, all was going fairly decent.

Saturday [yesterday] was a bit of a draining day emotionally. Before I went to the airport to pick up my Daddy, some family came over to grill me separately. They talked down to me, they belittled our relationship, and they were not understanding. All things I expected. They did it because they love me, and I understood that. So I took all of their questions, and answered them. I took all of their thoughts, and heard them. Not too much could be said though, I knew that their opinions would not be changed so quickly. I headed to the airport with one of my uncles, [His name will be Socks.] and he continued to grill me. He was concerned and all that good stuff. I liked the one on one aspect better than the goose at the roast situation that was at my house. I could answer questions better and keep my emotions in check. I didn't feel ganged up on, so I didn't have the guard up.

TO BE CONTINUED... [sorry mom wants to talk...]


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