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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prompt- Funny

What have been the worst personals you’ve seen, damnable communications that you’ve been sent, bad scenes with online players come to your mind?

Okay, let me recount the most horrible online experience I have ever had.

I belong to an adult forum. On there I am just a sex fiend, not too much about my kinky self is let out there. Surprisingly enough, because of the fact that it is a porn site, they don't look kindly upon kink. When it was revealed there that my Daddy and I were in a relationship, we got soooo much shit for it. Whatever, but anyway, this story takes place LONG before my Daddy and I were an item. Heck, he and I weren't even on each other's radars!

So, I used to, stupidly, have my yahoo IM address up publicly. Well, one guy IMed. We shall call him... Celery. You'll see why later...Well Celery IMed me and started chatting me up. He was polite in the beginning, many weren't. I tried brushing him off, but he wasn't getting the hint. But that was okay because he seemed harmless. He would talk about movies or work or things like that. I would pepper the conversation with smiles and the such. Not really too much. Well one day I was really horny and he had asked a couple of times to cyber which I declined, but this night all of my stinkin' friends with benefits were busy so I was left to my own devices. He was on so I thought to myself, well perfect! So I hinted a couple times that I would be interested and he jumped on the chance. He was decent at first, but then he "spanked" me. I shuddered in my seat.

Like I said before, I was kink-free on the site that he knew me, so I was surprised that he did it. He could tell from my reaction that I liked it. Well, after that cybering session we did start talking more, and about three or four days later he told me... HE LOVED ME. I was definitely weirded out, mostly because the guy didn't know anything about me pretty much. I slowed down my talking to him. He started stalking me on the site that I belong to, messaging me there and asking why I was on there and not on yahoo. Ummm... I put you on block? He would write me these messages there and be like, "I know so much about you, you love reese's eggs at Easter!". He would write me random messages of little tidbits of facts about me. It was honestly frightening. I was ignoring these, they were creepy and I wasn't going to fuel his fire. Then one day he wrote me a message telling me that he knew why I was doing what I was doing, I was playing hard to get!!! Ummm... NO!!!!!!!!! So I finally responded. I might have been a bit harsh, but he must have finally got it through his head, because he finally stopped messaging me.

About five or so months later, I was cleaning up my IM contacts. I deleted his name. APPARENTLY when you do this, they become unblocked. Therefore, he could start to see when I was online again because I didn't have him blocked and I was still on his IM list... *headache* A couple of days after removing him I get a IM pop-up. He wrote out this whole long thing about how he STILL loves me and I can always come back to him. It is so freaky and weird. I finally figured out how to block him again, so hopefully now he is gone for good. >.<

The only other annoying thing I deal with is when guys want to view my webcam without permission and the such. Those are annoying to though. If I have said no 538 times before, what makes you think time 539 will be the lucky one?


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